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Belgravia Gallery, London

For over 20 years, Belgravia Gallery has been London's showcase for works by truly outstanding artists and people of renown, both British-based and international. Started in 1986, it is located in the heart of the art district close to Piccadilly.

The gallery has a diverse range of art forms, from lithographs to paintings, sculptures to fine art photography. Artists include: Nelson Mandela and HRH The Prince of Wales, Pop Artists such as Andy Warhol and Peter Blake, and works by Jan Coutts, Trish Wylie, Monroe Hodder and Charlie Mackesy together with a stunning collection of original Rembrandt Etchings.

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The East India Company, London

The historic East India Company played a significant role in shaping Britain and its ethos into the vibrant nation it is today, connecting countries and cultures, with the single purpose of progress and prosperity.

Gaining strength from the ambitions of Queen Elizabeth I at the height of her power, The East India Company built an empire, which grew from strength to strength through trade and commerce.

Building the perfect backdrop and means for Queen Victoria to herald in and present the British Crown with the most precious jewel when Queen Victoria was proclaimed ‘Empress of India� in 1877.� The many territories gained by The Company eventually became colonies of the crown and converted into the Commonwealth Nations in the 20th century with the coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2010 The East India Company re-launched with the opening of its first fine food flagship store in Mayfair, London and has since diversified into other business including precious metals, returning to its earlier days in the gold and silver trade.

With the huge emotional connect between its brand and the nations it once served The East India Company has acquired an inspiring following since its re-launch and is completely devoted to continue to build its product and services portfolio to delight collectors, curators and connoisseurs alike.

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The British Club

The British Club is owned by Members who, through an annually elected President and Main Committee, provide the strategic direction for the General Manager and his staff. Founded to meet the needs of the British community, the Club is also a favourite retreat for over 30 other nationalities and Singaporeans who together form nearly half the membership.�

Registered in January 1983, it took a further three years to complete the clubhouse which was officially opened in 1987 by HRH Princess Anne. In 2008 the club celebrated our 25th Anniversary.

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was officially opened in 1987 by HRH Princess Anne. In 2008 the club celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

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